Monday, October 27, 2008

JALAN2 carik makan...

These few days were filled with invitations and sadly, we could only obliged to fulfill a handful few.
First , there was the trip to Kg Cheras Baru to Ida's engagement cum open house. after an hour trying to find street no 43 (as tipped by locals) and decided to go home, the happily engaged Ida managed to check her turned-off phone and get her sister to pick us up. My remedy? the Daging Salai masak lemak, sayur tempoyak (dunno what daun la) and the sambal belacan , was, damn delicious musciuos luscious ..i forgot to take pics!! yg panas nye, my husband's fren used to stay around here and he couldn't recall of being in the area!!!

In the afternoon, off to go to a birthday party cum open house in Kelana Jaya. Zie's house is waaaayyy easier to find for the fact that it's situated in a Taman perumahan and the area is somewhat familiar. Aiman (3+) and Ira (1+) were happily cutting and eating off their ultraman and mickey mouse decorated cake. Banyak nye PRRC member (Proton Replica Rally Club)..replica? what's dat even mean? again, forgot to take photo.

Today, off we go to SMSS BATCH OF 94 open house hosted by Md Ahirudin & Alin this year. as usual, it's a potluck event and as usual i will bring cikedis..shut up!! the event went fine and i remembered to take photos eventho not much.

Then we sped off to sec 7 shah alam for my dear hubby's mini gath at Manja's house. nice house, i would say. dunno whether the plates are of VANTAGE but they sure look very english. her whole house is filled with rose themed deco and suffice to say,nice house, nice neighbourhood and nice decos.

at home, editing photos and all, no dinner!!! not at all. (does maggi & quaker oat counts as food?)

* sigh* esok tak cuti. but i proved myself as a good co-driver as even i forgot to take all the maps readily printed out on Fri, i could find ways and means to find my way and thanks to Google map which can pinpoint md ahirudin's house ..easy peasy..
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