Tuesday, December 4, 2007

make-up stories....

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Whether you pile on the products or keep it to a minimum, your makeup style — like your fashion sense — is trendy, imaginative, and always subject to change. You might gather information and inspiration from magazines, the catwalk, movies (new and old), even strangers on the sidewalk — but one thing is for sure, you've always got your eyes peeled for the freshest looks, newest techniques, and hottest products.

One day you might concentrate on making your eyes and hair retro for a '70s-inspired dance party, the next day, you're trying out shimmery blush and frosted lips as an ode to the '80s. Regardless of which decade — past, present, or future — you're representing, what's most important is that your look expresses your current mood and shows people that you are adventurous with fashion, open to new ideas and experimentation, and oftentimes, leading the way.

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